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3D Orthodontics

Anacapa Orthodontics is the only place in Ventura where you can get same day retainers and bleaching trays. 

We can create next-day custom clear aligners that are more affordable than Invisalign or Smile Direct Club.

3D Orthodontics

Our in-house 3D Printer

While other orthodontists continue to send their custom printing needs to secondary companies, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to supply you with same day 3D printing capabilities.

No other orthodontist in the Ventura, Ojai, or Fillmore area can do what we do when it comes to making custom clear aligners, retainers, or whitening trays that won’t break the bank.

3D Orthodontics

Faster and affordable treatments

All in house within one to two days, when desired.

  • Lost or broke your retainers? We can have a new pair made for you within the same day.

  • Looking to get some teeth whitening done? We provide custom-fit printed bleaching trays within a day.

With our German-built Envision One 3D printer we offer all of our patients the ability to ditch the long waiting times, and higher prices associated with Invisalign or Smile Direct Club. We can scan your smile, discuss a treatment plan, and have your custom set of clear aligners ready and done within two business days. Absolutely epic. And only available here at Anacapa Orthodontics.

So what are you waiting for? Save your time, and your money. Book your appointment online today, and learn to love your smile all over again!