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Hidden Braces

Undetectable treatment for those who want to flash their teeth.

Hidden Braces

What are hidden braces?

Worn by those who wish to conceal their dental work, hidden (or lingual) braces are fixed to the back of a patient’s teeth making them practically invisible. Hidden braces have a similar construction style to traditional braces, but they can be fully customized with the InBrace technology system offered at our Anacapa Orthodontics offices.

With InBrace, patients can experience state-of-the-art equipment guiding their smile towards greatness. A fully customized Smartwire will be aided by Gentleforce technology to gently shift each tooth into the position designed by our team’s treatment plan.

Hidden Braces

What are the different types of braces and aligners?

We provide our patients with many different treatment options across our offices in Ventura, Ojai, and Fillmore like:

  • Traditional braces: metal brackets with colorful elastic bands are the hallmark of these braces that fit all ages and smiles.

  • Ceramic braces: clear brackets made of ceramic are offered along with white colored archwires making these braces nearly invisible.

  • Clear aligners: series of plastic molds made by Invisalign or 3M Clarity Aligners designed around digital models of the patient.

Hidden Braces

What are the benefits of hidden braces?

Perhaps the biggest draw of lingual and InBrace braces is the hidden, invisible design. Many working professionals and aesthetically conscious teenagers may find this hidden braces design to be a desirable option. 

The ability to customize with InBrace is another attractive feature offered by lingual braces. Working together with our board-certified orthodontist, patients can sculpt the smile of their dreams.

Hidden Braces

Why Anacapa Orthodontics?

Dr. Ken Smith and his team have seen each and every kind of smile come through their doors and no issue big or small is ever turned away. If you or a family member needs hidden or custom InBrace braces you can be sure that Anacapa Orthodontics is the place for you.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment. Your journey to an epic smile awaits.