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Our Own Clear Aligners

Our own customized aligners. Brought to you by Anacapa Orthodontics.

Our Clear Aligners

What are Anacapa Orthodontics Clear Aligners?

Anacapa Orthodontics Clear Aligners are our custom aligner system designed by our board-certified orthodontist in Ventura, Dr. Ken Smith.

Every aspect of regular clear aligner treatment will be completely customized just for you. That means waiting times for new aligners are reduced so that you can get that epic smile of your dreams in record time with our custom clear aligners.

Our Clear Aligners

What are the different types of braces and aligners?

There are many different types of braces and aligners that we offer our patients, take a look at our other options below:

  • Traditional braces: metal brackets with colorful elastic bands are the hallmark of these braces that fit all ages and smiles.

  • Ceramic braces: clear brackets made of ceramic are offered along with white colored archwires making these braces nearly invisible.

  • Clear aligners: series of plastic molds made by Invisalign or 3M Clarity Aligners designed around digital models of the patient.

  • Hidden braces: nearly invisible, these braces are fixed to the back of the teeth. Custom InBrace braces are a highly desirable option.

Our Clear Aligners

What are the benefits of our clear aligners?

Custom aligners will give patients every positive aspect that traditional clear aligners will, like:

  • Being virtually invisible

  • Being fully removable at any time

  • Being a great option for patients who need orthodontic care but do not want metal braces

  • Allowing patients to continue their everyday routines like eating, brushing one’s teeth, and flossing

But, with the added benefit of being made completely custom just for you. That means getting your aligners faster, and being able to make adjustments on the fly.

Our Clear Aligners

Why Anacapa Orthodontics?

If you or a loved one are in the Ventura, Ojai, or Fillmore areas looking for an aligner solution to your orthodontic needs, Anacapa Orthodontics Clear Aligners have you covered. Our proprietary, custom aligner treatment is here to help begin your journey towards an epic smile. 

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