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Phased Ortho Care

We can predict and address issues before they start.

Phased Ortho Care

Interceptive Treatment Phase

Interceptive treatment is an objective based treatment that will work to resolve problems starting as early as age 7 in order to ensure proper eruption of a child’s adult dentition. We recommend that children come in for a complimentary initial consultation around age 7 to get started on our Growth & Guidance Program. While children at this age may not need treatment at the moment, they sure can grow fast!

Objectives in this phase will vary based on an individual’s needs, and orthodontic treatment may be required. Children who have undergone treatment will be provided with a retainer. Additional complimentary follow up appointments as part of the Growth & Guidance Program will be made every nine to twelve months.

These follow ups will continue until it is determined that they are ready to finish their epic smile and move on to the comprehensive treatment phase.

Phased Ortho Care

Comprehensive Treatment Phase

Congratulations! Your child has all of their adult teeth and is ready to finish that epic smile, you could not have chosen a better place to do so. Here at Anacapa Orthodontics we take pride in delivering high quality care in a family friendly atmosphere.

Treatments these days are faster, more comfortable, and require fewer office visits than ever before. We offer a whole host of custom treatment options such as: Traditional braces, ceramic braces, hidden braces, Invisalign and clear aligners, custom retainers, and our own Anacapa Orthodontics Clear Aligners.

Phased Ortho Care

Why Anacapa Orthodontics?

Our office doors are open and our team is always ready to apply our phased approach to you or a loved one. Come and see how amazing your care can be under the guidance of a board certified orthodontist led team.

Contact us today and schedule your first appointment on your journey towards an epic smile.