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Best Orthodontist in Ventura County - Anacapa Orthodontics

Orthodontic Treatments

A wide range of orthodontic treatments for children and adults.

A better, more affordable, and faster alternative to Invisalign and other popular brands.

In-House Clear Aligners

Ventura Affordable Clear Aligners - Anacapa Orthodontics

Clear aligners are a transparent, plastic form of dental braces used to straighten teeth.


Ventura Invisalign Clear Aligners - Anacapa Orthodontics

Hidden braces are fixed to the back of teeth making them invisible.

Hidden Braces

Ventura Hidden Braces - Anacapa Orthodontics

Ceramic braces are fixed to the front of teeth using clear or tooth-colored brackets.

Ceramic Braces

Ventura Ceramic Braces - Anacapa Orthodontics

Braces made of metal brackets, an archwire, and colorful elastic bands.

Metal Braces

Ventura Metal Braces - Anacapa Orthodontics

Phased ortho care ensures your child’s permanent teeth grow aligned.

Phased Ortho Care

Ventura Phased Ortho Care - Anacapa Orthodontics

Identify and address airway issues for improved health.

Orthodontic Airway Assessment

Ventura Orthodontic Airway Assessment - Anacapa Orthodontics

Mouth guard lower the risk of injuries to the teeth, lips, and tongue.

Mouth Guards

Ventura Mouth Guards - Anacapa Orthodontics

Night guards minimize clenching or grinding teeth while sleeping.

Night Guards

Ventura Night Guards - Anacapa Orthodontics

Custom retainers are designed to maintain your teeth straight after clear aligners.

Custom Retainers

Ventura Custom Retainers - Anacapa Orthodontics
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