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Traditional Braces

Applying our advanced techniques to straightening your smile.

Traditional Braces

What are traditional braces?

Known, worn, and loved by children, teens, and adults alike, traditional braces are classic in nature. Traditional braces typically include metal brackets, an archwire, and colorful elastic bands. They work by putting small amounts of pressure on the teeth over periods of time in order to correctively align the teeth.

While most people know that braces and aligners can help straighten their teeth, they are also effective at improving overall dental health and hygiene. Not to mention that an improved smile can make a world of difference in someone’s appearance and self-esteem.

Traditional Braces

What are the different types of braces and aligners?

Our patients are never short on options because we believe everyone deserves a sparkling, epic smile. What follows are a few of the other treatments offered at our Anacapa Orthodontics offices:


  • Ceramic braces: clear brackets made of ceramic are offered along with white colored archwires making these braces nearly invisible.

  • Clear aligners: series of plastic molds made by Invisalign or 3M Clarity Aligners designed around digital models of the patient.

  • Hidden braces: nearly invisible, these braces are fixed to the back of the teeth. Custom InBrace braces are a highly desirable option.

Traditional Braces

What are the benefits of traditional braces?

Traditionally speaking, metal braces are the most common type of braces and are therefore the least expensive option for many. They are also one of the more durable treatment options and they provide constant care, resulting in a speedier overall process for patients.

Traditional braces are often seen as the most effective treatment for complex issues that would continue to get worse if left untreated. Some of these issues may include:

  • Overbite: when biting down, the top front teeth extend beyond the bottom front teeth.

  • Underbite: when biting down, the bottom front teeth extend beyond the top front teeth.

  • Crossbite: issue where the bottom and top teeth do not come together in the correct position. Classified as either anterior or posterior.

  • Overcrowding: teeth can sometimes run out of room, and then they can push one another into improper positions.

  • Spacing: the visual opposite of crowding where gaps occur between the teeth.

Most importantly, traditional braces can give both young and old patients a new look on life, and a smile to remember.

Traditional Braces

Why Anacapa Orthodontics?

Here at Anacapa Orthodontics we are proud of our board-certified orthodontist led team that is highly trained in the latest techniques and in patient-centered service. 

If you find yourself hiding your smile, or if a loved one of yours is in need of a smile correction look no further. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to begin your journey for an epic smile.